Do you want to get rid of DoorDash, Grubhub and UberEats?

Say “Goodbye” for good to order fee

Using Ristovery you are able to bring your dishes on your website and save $15,000 per year!

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Word-of-mouth is no longer enough, we MUST work with the web which was an unknown world to us: as such, it was important to rely on someone else.

Silvia Scalzi

Chiara Guarnerio

Ristovery gives value and results that are interesting and quantifiable. You just have to try and we assure you: it works!

Chiara Guarnerio

Scegli Ristovery e risparmierai fino a 10.000€ all’anno, non pagando più commissioni e percentuali sui tuoi piatti o prodotti. 

Noi ti diamo una piattaforma funzionale e semplice, per te e i tuoi clienti. Tu devi solo inserire il menù e i prodotti e organizzare le consegne con i tuoi collaboratori!

Quali sono i benefici?

Zero commissioni!

Con Ristovery, i guadagni saranno solo ed esclusivamente tuoi. Non sono previste percentuali sulle consegne né altre tipologie di costo.

Guadagni immediati!

Non dovrai più aspettare nessuno per ricevere i tuoi guadagni. Con Ristovery, tutti i pagamenti arrivano direttamente a te ed in modo immediato.

Gestisci tu il menù!

Gestisci in modo autonomo il tuo menù: decidi tu cosa vendere e quando cambiare i prodotti, senza dover aspettare l'approvazione di qualcuno.

Everything in a single platform...

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Online Menu on your website

Optimised for mobile devices too!

You decide the style and we will put the technology online in maximum 2 weeks!

Take orders with your delivery

Deliver with your riders!

You used to take orders on the phone, now all your customers are online.

They pay directly online and you deliver.

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Offer Take-Away too

Prevent your customers from waiting

Avoid crowding and make your customers’ life easy.

Ristovery allows your customers to see the menu from home, order and pay by selecting the pick-up time… you just need to prepare it!


Sell Everywhere

Your specialties all around the world!

If you have products that can be shipped, why limit yourself to your neighborhood? Ristovery allows you to access potentially infinite customers all over the world.
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The results are amazing!
We had immediately more interest and interactions from a large and new audience.

Roberta Spagnoli


In no time we had our website online! Being on the web let us acquire new customers.

Deborah Mariani

How much delivery Apps cost you?

We have created this  calculator to help you quantify all the money Doordash, Grubhub, and UberEats take away from you every year!


This is what you pay on average to make Delivery every year!
Time to stop right?

Total per year $

How to find new customers?

Now you know exactly how much delivery apps are taking away from you!

You can find customers without delivery apps *

1 put a flyer in the delivery orders to communicate the news.

2 give a flyer to all customers in the restaurant and tell them about it.

3 invest part of the savings in web marketing (done right)

* for the first time a side note that gives you more instead of screwing you over. Ristovery helps you in all 3 of these.

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What can your customers do?


Your customers will be easily able to look at your menu and decide what to order, even from a cell phone.

What can your customers do?


They can order and pay you online, avoiding cash transactions.

What can your customers do?


 Finally they can contact you to arrange delivery or take-away.

Discover the Offers

Ok, no fees, but how much does it cost?

Less than you would think!

Ristovery Basic

Basic Deal
$ 2,470 plus tax
  • Website with Basic Pages
  • Delivery, take-away and sale of products
  • Instant Online Payments

Ristovery Best

$ 2,960 PLUS TAX
  • All the Benefits from Basic, and...
  • BONUS! 1 month of Social Campaigns
  • 200 Printed Flyers
  • QR code for digital menù

Ristovery Full

Most Comprehensive Deal
$ 3,960 plus tax
  • All the Benefits from Basic, and...
  • BONUS! 2 months of Social Campaigns
  • 500 printed Flyers

The price is a lump sum. There is an annual maintenance fee of $970 from the second year onwards, which includes hosting, domain, SSL, updates, and assistance.

Cosa succede dopo



Prenota una video-chiamata gratuita

Ha una durata di circa 30 minuti e ti mostreremo ogni dettaglio di quello che succederà, è anche l'occasione perfetta per fare tutte le domande che vorrai.



Firma del contratto, fatturazione e pagamento anticipo

Ti verrà inviato il contratto in formato digitale che potrai visionare firmare comodamente dal pc o anche dal cellulare.



Telefonata per la raccolta delle informazioni

In questa chiamata il tuo consulente ti guiderà nella raccolta delle informazione sul tuo ristorante per assicurarci che il tuo sito rispecchi perfettamente quello che sei.



Avvio lavori e approvazione

Una volta cominciato a realizzare la prima pagina prenoteremo un'altra call e un nostro web designer così da mostrarti come sta venendo il lavoro. Potrai approvarlo subito o richiedere qualche modifica.



Consegna del tuo Ristovery

Questo è il momento più entusiasmante: la consegna! Anche qui non ti lasciamo solo e saremo anzi orgogliosi di mostrarti il tuo nuovo universo digitale.


We have put together frequently asked questions for you, we are looking forward to talking about them over the phone


Ristovery does not take any fees.

The only fee you will have to pay is that to the digital payment processor, a bit like how it works with the POS.

This is equal to 1.4% + € 0.25 (for European cards) and 2.9% + € 0.25 (for non-European cards).

A whole different story compared to delivery apps, isn’t it?

The platform is entirely yours. You will decide whether to limit yourself to sell food courses, or sell ingredients, kitchen tools or anything else too.

Virtually immediately. Payment is made directly to you in digital format.

Customers will pay digitally when placing the order with their credit card. However, you can also decide to accept payments on delivery.

You will be able to make a normal receipt.

If you think you have customers who may need an invoice, optional fields will be inserted at the time of payment to give customers the choice and obtain their billing information.

Of course. The platform is yours and you decide what, when and to whom.

You can also create coupons with discounts both as a percentage of the total ordered (e.g. 10% on all orders), and at a fixed amount (e.g. € 5 on your first order).

We know that sometimes something can go wrong.

You can make refunds of the entire amount of the order or even only partial if you wish.

Yes, you will decide whether or not there is a minimum order.

Absolutely, they are extremely suitable for local businesses such as your restaurant.

To support you in this we have created the Social Media Marketing module.

Or, if you prefer, you can still do it autonomously.


Yes, Ristovery gives you the technology to accept fully functional online orders.

You will manage the kitchen and delivery … as it’s always been.

After the deposit payment, you’ll be online within two weeks. Are you ready to place orders and receive instant online payments?

Yes, sure! You can set your customized time slots. You have full control over it, and you decide when your customers can place the orders.

Of course, you can decide both the regular opening and closing days (for example “closed on Mondays”), and the extraordinary ones (for example holidays).

Not yet.

Customers don’t want to download another app, but they want to be able to order quickly and smoothly from you. Your platform will still be 100% navigable from your mobile phone for your customers.

Yes, that is the e-commerce technology app powered by Ristovery.


You can also use it to view statistics, consult orders, update progress, and receive notifications on your mobile phone.

The restaurant will manage its own deliveries.

The Ristovery platform only allows you to digitize order management and online payment.

The menu will be managed independently by the restaurant. No need to wait forever every time you want to change something.

Ristovery will provide assistance, guides and video tutorials on how to manage the menu.

The process is very easy.

Sure, there will be a special section where you can indicate them and be transparent to your customers.

Sure, they can add notes related to their order on the payment section.


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